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- Example Projects
By providing cost effective product development services, our clients reduce their time to market and save money while ensuring that their product is of the highest quality. We can provide you with assistance for all of your design and development needs, from concept to production. 

We guard the confidentiality of our customers, so we cannot publish summaries on all of our projects.  The following, however, are examples of a few that we can talk about.

- Renal Solutions
Virtec Enterprises played and continues to play a key role in the development of a new state-of-the-art hemodialysis system. The SHD™ can be used for home dialysis nocturnal dialysis, acute dialysis and traditional dialysis. This innovative system will provide a solution to many of the technical problems and complexities of current hemodialysis systems

- medSage Technologies, LLC
The medSage Therapy Management Device is designed to be easy to install and easy for the patient to understand. In fact, if a patient is compliant, they will not even know it is there! Here’s how it works.
The Therapy Management Device:
Works with any compressor nebulizer with a simple power cord attachment.
Connects to a standard phone line / jack (like an answering machine).
Reminds the patient to take medications (respiratory and other) using patent-pending Smart Reminders™.
Tracks nebulizer therapies – quantity, time and duration – with a patent-pending sensing mechanism.
Uploads compliance data to a central server via a toll-free number.
Receives treatment plan and revisions to the plan automatically from the medSage server.

- American Table Manufacturing
The SurgiGraphic 6000 Surgical Table lets you manually glide the tabletop for precise positioning. The superior 4-Way Float allows for immediate and exact positioning without moving the C-Arm, making it especially effective for minimally invasive procedures. Virtec worked extensivly with ATM to improve the product's manufacturability and currently supplies production components for the table to Steris Inc.

- Spirit MD
The Suction Easy was designed and produced by Virtec Enterprises. This innovative product is currently used by the United States Special Forces and sold to NATO and in Canada. The unique features of this device include it's small size, light weight, and extremely affordable price.

- Additional Projects
In addition to these projects, the Virtec team has provided services in a wide array of industries and disciplines.  Here are a few of the additional projects and services that we are proud to have provided.
  • Developed a heated humifier for home respiratory patients
  • Managed qual. testing and subsequent submittal for successful pass over humidifier 510k.
  • Designed methane gas monitor/instrument for use in coal mine environment.
  • Development of strain gage based position sensor and equipment required for production.
  • Design and build of respiratory analysis device for home use.
  • Clinical trial data acquisition system with multiple signals and respiratory analysis.
  • Management of fiber optic pressure sensor manufacturing facility.
  • Design of 48V, 500A DC motor control for lift truck.
  • Automated temperature compensation equipment for high accuracy pressure transmitter.
  • LCD based display with real time clock, speedometer, and battery charge status.
  • Conceptualization and design of programmable controller mechanical packaging.
  • Design of needle-less insulin injector arming device for home use.
  • Design of semi automated motor controller test cell.
  • Failure analysis of plastic components including non-linear FEA analysis.
  • Analysis and redesign of medical grade tilt sensor.
  • Development of vibration testing specification for electronic racks.
  • Programming software for medical flow totalizer.
  • Urological pressure sensor concept develpment.
  • Design of custom uninterruptible power supply packaging for large computer facility.
  • Design and development of ceramic/thick film pressure sensor.
  • Design, prototype, and build software and hardware for telescope tracking system.
  • Design of insert molded high speed heater coil.
  • Competitive cost analysis of process control differential pressure transmitters.
  • Seismic analysis and test program management for nuclear qualified power supply.
  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly analysis of electronic module assembly.
  • Design of automated shaft repair welding machine.